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The Operations wing is responsible for ensuring smooth and effective tax operations by enforcing tax laws, by strategically planning revenue collection and by utilizing technology to analyze data for efficiency. The department conducts field operations, including inspections to verify compliance. The Operations wing aims to maintain seamless tax processes through training initiatives and close collaboration with other wings.


The Audit wing ensures compliance with the law. The wing determines the accuracy of tax liability calculations, tax deposits, and proper adjustments of input tax through effective audits based on risk-based selection criteria. This process fosters a culture of tax compliance and serves as a deterrent.

Information Technology

SRB’s IT wing brings an industry-leading approach to digital transformation that aligns SRB’s technology vision with its operational strategy. IT wing helps making SRB operations efficient and smooth by providing effective MIS and automating processes. IT Wing achieves this goal through indigenous solutions, frameworks, accelerators and tools designed to support continuous innovation and sustained high operational standards.


The Finance wing plays a vital role in acquiring, managing, and forecasting funds to ensure efficient operation of SRB. Its major responsibilities include resource allocation across various departments. The Finance wing adheres to government rules and guidelines including those set by the Sindh Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (SPPRA). Additionally, it engages in strategic planning for optimal fund utilization, records financial transactions, and ensures compliance with regulations. Furthermore, it contributes to organizational growth by regularly reporting key finance statistics in a clear and understandable format to senior management.


The Administrative wing provides administrative and logistical support to SRB, managing stakeholder relationships, executing contracts and MOUs, offering health insurance support, and overseeing asset and inventory management. It ensures the seamless functioning of SRB through effective coordination with internal and external stakeholders.

Tax Policy

This wing is responsible for managing Sindh sales tax policies. It suggests legislative amendments including those in the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act, 2011 and proposes changes in related regulations such as the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Rules, 2011 and Sindh Sales Tax Special Procedure (Withholding) Rules, 2014 along with addressing various notifications and policy guidelines issued under the Act.


The Legal wing handles court matters and reviews how well the organization's legal work is going, especially in drafting and presenting cases. It supports the Operations and other wings on legal issues. The Legal wing also works closely with government departments and external counsels, providing regular training to SRB staff. Their main goal is to actively handle cases by filing necessary documents on time, aiming for quick hearings and resolutions. Besides legal work, the Legal wing helps make internal processes smoother.

Human Resource

Human resource wing is tasked with supporting and managing personnel employed by SRB and ensuring a positive and energizing work environment. Functional areas of the Human Resources department include staffing and workforce planning, compensation and benefits administration, diversity and inclusion, human resource policy development, succession planning and training and development.

Survey & Development

The Survey & Development wing identifies unregistered taxable units and assesses tax compliance. It significantly contributes to SRB's information-gathering initiatives. It conducts surveys based on various sources, including social media, complaints and the PM’s Citizen’s Portal.

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