Chairman's Message

FY 2022-23 has been a remarkable year in the Sindh Revenue Board’s journey of accomplishments and perseverance as it not only achieved the assigned revenue target but has also surpassed the target by a big margin for the second consecutive year. This exceptional performance is a testament to the unwavering dedication of the team of officers of the SRB.

Despite a stagnant tax base and no increase in tax rates because of a tax-free budget, SRB was entrusted with an ambitious target of Rs. 180 billion for the FY 2022-23. Furthermore, the prevailing economic conditions, including low GDP growth and the adverse effects of the devastating floods, demanded resilience and adaptability from our organization.

Responding to the aforesaid challenges, SRB took proactive measures to support businesses and economic activities by providing various essential exemptions and reliefs. By fostering a conducive environment, we witnessed a surge in business activity and an increase in the registration base, demonstrating the effectiveness of rationalized tax policies.

The dedication of our team and the strategic decisions taken bore fruitful results, with the total tax collection amounting to an impressive figure of Rs. 185.3 billion during FY 2022-23 which accounts for a growth of (+) 21% over last year’s revenue, while the percentage cost of collection of revenue during FY 2022-23 lowered to 0.7% as against 0.8% during FY 2021-22. I take pride in mentioning that we achieved an extraordinary collection of over Rs. 11 billion on account of SWWF/SWPPF, the ever-highest collection for such funds despite mounting litigation. This amount shall be used by the Government for providing welfare like health, education and housing facilities for the hard working and productive labor force and their family members in Sindh.

Reflecting on accomplishments of FY 2022-23, various sectors have made significant contribution to our revenue collection. Port & terminal operators, franchises, banks, insurance, contract execution and construction have consistently emerged as major contributors to our revenue collection. The restaurant sector, aided by the innovative Point of Sale (POS) system, introduced last year, has proved to be a transformative tool as it contributed revenue of Rs. 4.06 billion during FY 2022-23 as compared to the collection of Rs. 2.71 billion during FY 2021-22, thus, a growth of (+) 50%. It is expected that with the full implementation of system in SRB, phenomenal growth of revenue in retail sectors shall be witnessed.

Recognizing the need to strengthen our operational capacity, we also promoted several officers, fostering a dynamic and capable workforce to overcome future challenges.

I am also pleased to highlight that our efforts have extended beyond our province, in association with the National Tax Council, as we have taken the lead in harmonizing the sales tax regime at the national level. Sindh took the lead in drafting Sindh's Place of Provision of Services Rules which served as a benchmark for other revenue authorities, exemplifying our commitment to the goal of harmonization providing ease of compliance by the taxpayers.

Sindh's Place of Provision of Services Rules which served as a benchmark for other revenue Authorities, exemplifying our commitment to the goal of harmonization and providing ease of compliance by the taxpayers.

As we embark on a new FY, the road ahead remains ambitious yet promising. The assigned revenue collection target for FY 2023-24 stands at Rs. 235 billion, demanding a growth of (+) 31% as against last year’s target. Despite the lowest standard tax rate of 13% as compared to the rates in other Provinces and no changes in the tax base, I have full confidence in our collective abilities to rise to the occasion and meet this goal.

Through this Annual Report, the SRB fulfils the statutory obligation and upholds its tradition of presenting its activities and achievements before the Provincial Assembly.

I express my sincere gratitude to the SRB taxpayers for their continued patronage and cooperation. Their support is crucial and critical to the success of our organization and SRB is committed to providing them with the best services in order to provide them the ease of doing business. I also take this opportunity to commend the invaluable contributions of our esteemed Board Members. Their guidance and support have played a significant role in the smooth execution of our organization's policies.

Heartfelt gratitude is also extended to the Honorable Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah for his unwavering support and exemplary leadership, which has enabled SRB to achieve its goals while upholding the highest standards of fairness and transparency in its operations. Additionally, we appreciate the invaluable cooperation extended by the Finance Department and other departments of Government of Sindh throughout the year which immensely assisted our endeavors towards our goal. The interim government has promised to work for trade facilitation, and the tax earned will be spent on social welfare, prosperity of people and infrastructure of the Province.

Dr. Wasif Ali Memon

Chairman, Sindh Revenue Board

Chairman's Message

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