Process to Pay the Taxes

  1. Logon to
  2. Enter login & password.
  3. Select e-Payments Sales Tax on Services.
  4. Enter FTN/NTN or SSTN to retrieve the Taxpayer data
  5. Select tax year from left control
  6. Click Sales Tax Link under Create Payment Slip
  7. System loads the payment slip with the Taxpayer's Particular
  8. Enter the amount in Details of Payment section. System automatically calculates the total field.
  9. Select the payment mode in Particulars of Payment section and enter Amount
  10. If payment mode selected is Cheque/Pay order also enter Pay Order/Cheque No, Date, Bank, City and Branch with amount
  11. If you want to make payment through more than one instruments, use add button to enter details. Example of payment to be made by Cheque and Pay order is given below:
  12. Press create button to create payment. To edit the Payment click the Back Button and edit the Payment.
  13. To confirm the payment slip press the Confirm button
  14. Payment Slip appears on screen, write PSID on the Challan
    The Payment Challan Form (PSID) can be deposited at specified branches of National Bank of Pakistan (List is given at the end of document.) The Bank will receive Challan Form (PSID) and issue the Computerized Payment Receipt (CPR). The CPR is proof that the tax has been deposited.
List of NBP Branches where Tax can be deposited. Download Bank Branches