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Technical FAQ's

What is Registration Process?

Ans. Guide line on "How to e-Register is available on following link at:

I am already e-filling at eFBR portal, Do I required to fill register and enroll again?

Ans. Ans: If you are already enrolled with FBR, then you need to follow "Swift Enrollment Process" to register with SRB. Guideline on the process is available on following link at:

I am registered with SRB, How can I create PSID?

Ans: Guideline on tax payment is available at:

I am registered with SRB, How can I e-file monthly return?

Ans: Guideline on e-filing monthly return is available at:

I am trying to e-register, but error occurs that "No NTN found"?

Ans: You are required to communicate your NTN to SRB call center by calling at UAN No: 021-111-778-000.Call Center Agent will resolve it and guide you in registration process.

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